Saturday, August 11, 2018

Visual Poems

Several months's after you have been to a museum there are only a few works of art that you remember.  I spent a week in Sante Fe ten years ago and I only remember a few paintings. Some were in a show by Daniel Gerhartz (because he was my hero at the time), a peeled orange by Loran Speck and a small painting by Nicoli Fechin. I also remember the painting I bought, which is always the best way to always remember a work of art.

Why do we remember so few? I didn't remember the thousands of works of art that week because they weren't committed to memory and therefore only the paintings that were remarkable to my soul remained. When you experience a work of art as a visual poem you remember it and often carry the experience with you throughout your life. These poems connect the artist and the viewer on a metaphysical level by aesthetic means even if those means are not particularly skilled.

It is the visual poem within a sculpture, drawing or painting that draws you. It's a soul thing by means of an aesthetics thing. It is the meaning in addition to or in place of the ostensible surface meaning. It is the voice that speaks in a language that can only be heard by the soul. They are rare. They are remarkable, though finding words that properly "remark" on the experiences always fall short.

Have I ever created a visual poem? I'm not sure. The viewer is the one who decides. Modern focus on the "artist" flies in the face of this, but unless your an art investor why would you care? Enjoy the art that lingers in your memory, collect the art that impacts your soul language. If your an artist, strive for the visual poem.

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