Thursday, June 4, 2015

Studio Work - 1

I'm doing a lot of experimenting these days.  I've really never been able to settle on a technique and stick with it for long.  There are just to many possibilities to explore.  Though I am trying to be a little more disciplined at thoroughly working through an idea....but working through ideas generates new ideas and then suddenly your far from where you started.

So at the beginning of last week I reworked my painting "Empty" even though I thought I was done.  It just kept calling to me from the far wall, "I need a little something".  Here is where it stands and it may just end up being one of those things that never ends.

The other painting I worked on last week is a completely different approach.  Big shapes, large areas of value, quickly painted.  I'm so happy with this start that I may just stop in order to have a continual piece on encouragement an possibility in the studio.

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